User Advocate

Business Hacking, Digital Transformation, Value Proposition Design
& (Re-) Thinking Brands


User Advocate helpt organisaties in de gezondheidszorg en primaire voedingssector om toekomstbestendig te worden, te innoveren en te groeien.

Vanuit de behoeften, gedrag en verlangens van mensen worden merken, (nieuwe-) activiteiten en diensten/services ontwikkeld die dienend zijn aan de stakeholders en die optimaal gebruik maken van de huidige (en toekomstige-) technische mogelijkheden en bijdragen tot het zakelijk succes en rendement.


User Advocate activiteiten:

User Advocacy. Waarde propositie ontwerp vanuit behoeften en betekenis.
Business Hacking. Exploratie en onderzoek naar de toekomstbestendigheid van huidige businessmodellen op basis van nieuwe technologie. Kan het huidige businessmodel kapot gemaakt worden door nieuwe technologie? Business Hacking is een eigen innovatie methodiek ter bepaling van de strategische agenda.
Inspiratie en Exploratie programma met Directie- of management teams op het gebied van digitale technologie, business model innovatie, co-creatie en strategische community vorming.
Merk (her-) ontwerp Positionering, Merk strategie en Merk-concept ontwikkeling**


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User Advocate
Groothandelsgebouw • A4.004
Stationsplein 45 • 3013 AK Rotterdam

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Recommendations via LinkedIn

Marco HokkeIQA Implementation Director – Founder IQAP Independent Quality Assurance People

Arie delivers! His professional approach and personality “oils” the system.
In his role with Independent Quality Assurance People Arie Van Baarle performed his duties professionally and applied his knowledge and experience on the project. His ability to communicate with all parties involved was of great benefit to all.


You have been a close friend at one time, my brand manager, co-founder and colleague in another.
I could talk about how often you made me laugh out loud, or about how you were able to see through situations and put your finger on the dot . Even about your ability to adapt to different situations, you’re always going forwards-mentality, your clearness of mind, your more than structured way of thinking and intelligence that reflect on many different areas.
But I won’t.
I’ll only say: I would do a project with you anytime

Paul van SchaikOwner at Get Yer Rocks Off! Metropolis #25

Je vertelt Arie een wazig verhaal, hij pikt de essentie eruit, en zorgt ervoor dat alle wazigen die wereldwijd over het net surfen op jouw site terecht komen. Als je geluk hebt verklapt hij ook nog hoe je al die wazigen een wazig produkt verkoopt. Als je pech hebt moet je Arie daar heel veel voor betalen.

Jeff SimonsUser Experience Designer at Design Partners

Arie coached me and my team during one of our University’s special projects. During the project, various companies coached and guided teams in finding new topics on which to build New Businesses and New Media solutions. With his company Syndicat, Arie provided guidance and councelling for our creative endeavors.

Having Arie as a ‘consultant’ was a great experience. With a vast amount of experience and knowledge concerning brand strategy, Arie has always been able to provide us with fresh ideas and inspiration

Philip BrandsOpensource Webdeveloper at Erasmus School of Law

I got to know Arie as a Creative Director and person who speaks his convictions and expertise on Digital Branding (and any other subject that might come around) easily, entertaining, and with great force and dedication.
Never a dull moment developing applications based on his insight. Always an interesting fact to learn at the lunch table.

Tom KolstersCommunicatie Consultant at Conclusion Corporate & Public Communication

Arie van Baarle sees the web from another point of view than most people. His view about interaction is not about clicking and rating, but about human interest combined with web-posibilities! His ideas are certainly out of the box and innovative.

Abdul AdvanyAdviseur & spreker over Digitale Co-creatie • Overheid • Zorg • Commerciële sector

Arie is very good at getting to the underling reason of what the client needs. His input in the project we worked together on was invaluable. Especially his knowledge on branding, human-human interaction and human-computer interaction.

Rich AshlockManagement Consultant

Arie is creative, original and a pleasure to work with… while pushing the boundaries of creativity, his focus is on delivering solutions which fulfill clients’ immediate business needs and, at the same, support and contribute the the clients’ long term strategy.

Maurice DierickMobile solutions for asset management and supply chain

Arie has great vision on how to develop interactive digital brands and can turn ideas into functioning results that help position and grow your business

Edward VerheyHead of Advocacy & Media Relations at ICISA

Arie is a highly qualified and dedicated professional with high business standards. He is able to transform his creativity into the best possible and workable solutions. He is a highly reliable and pleasant business partner.

Mathijs Niehauszelfstandig innovatie specialist

Arie is a reliable, creative and inspiring person whith a can-do mentality. I realy enjoy working together with him.

Mathijs Niehaus

Eugenie van den HovenManager at Havenbedrijf Rotterdam NV

Good conceptual thinking. This ensures solid foundation of your website and sets priorities right for forthcoming activities. Therefore highly recommended. Arie can provide great help here. State of the art advice makes your website future proof.

Owen FitzpatrickHead of Communications at SWIFT

Arie was able to successfully translate the spirit of our new corporate brand into an integrated web-design concept applicable across all our sites. A toolbox of necessary functionalities and components were provided combined with intuitive navigation and flexible structure.

Wim JurgOwner, The Constellation Company

Arie is a creative person with practical solutions.

Bruno KapetanovicFounder of Institute For Forward Thinking

Arie is the best concept and brand developer I have worked with. I worked with Arie for many years on variety of projects , start ups , concept development , power of the online community , commercial and social solutions .

Arie combines unrivalled expertise and experience with a practical, leading edge technology and commercial edge. He operates with the highest standards of integrity and real commitment to doing great work.

He is great fun to work with , nice and always new experience .

Bruno Kapetanovic

Louis HuyskesManaging Partner at Ahelpingbrand

Few profoundly creative people manage to include ironclad logic in their projects. The question “Why is this such a good idea?” is rarely answered satisfactorily. Arie manages to be crystal clear about fuzzy stuff like branding and design.
Obviously his Rotterdam roots play in to that. A hard working individual with a unique, down-to-earth sense of humour. Go Arie!

Peggy Driessen-BussinkProduction manager of foreign coproductions and Distribution foreign art house film, analist at Netherlands Film fund

As a manager I know Arie as an inspiring leader. Not only did he include the creative team at Razorfish in the creative processes, he also looked beyond the beaten path. He initiated new projects that didn’t directly worked for clients but helped technical people, supporting staff, creatives to be inspired about the work they do and reach higher levels of creativity and work together in the process.

Cache MillerProposal Manager

Arie was one of the few people that I actually learned something from working with, and he shared his knowledge and experience generously. He was able to do this because he an innate confidence in the quality of his work and he radiated this confidence to clients, who very much appreciated him. I would work with Arie again in a heartbeat because in a business crowded with oversized egos work-avoiders, Arie was hard-working, smart and a genuine leader.

Lily YeoExperienced, creative corporate and marketing strategist with proven implementation record

Arie’s the creative you want on your side whenever you are looking for daring and on the mark design and brand solutions. Having had the pleasure of working with Arie on the initial creation of the Funda website and also brainstorming and sharing thoughts on other digital strategies, I can safely say that he is truly a partner that will turn customer and insight into award winning and commercially beneficial outcomes. More importantly, he is a creative with an open mind, and does not force or need to put his personal design mark on a solution!

Emile StoverinckCreative Partner at bölb

Arie is the master of the original thought always pushing for the unusual solutions that lead to a really different experiences and designs. If you get stuck in mediocracy and red tape: call Arie and enjoy the ride.

Emile Stoverinck

Tucker ViemeisterIndustrial Design Innovator

Arie is the kind of guy I wish I could work with more!

lauren grayGraphic Designer + PowerPoint Guru @ Lauren Gray Design

Arie is the type of person who every new designer should have the opportunity to work with. He is motivating, creative, energetic, and smart. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from him.

Mike van der MeulenCTO at Airtrade

Arie is one of those people who inspire! If you need a fresh look at branding: Arie is your man!

Dave CookCo-Founder & Customer Experience Expert, What People Want

Arie is calm and focused, and equally balances clear communication with creativity, its a great combination and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

Willem KarsBrand and design consultant

Arie knows how to deal with complex issues in both creative design development and business development. Arie has a strong focus on client’s satisfaction and strategic solutions. These competences would resemble every day common practice but Arie knows how to implicitely add value by his cunning and personal approach leading to awareness creation overly supporting all stakeholders’s single and combined objectives. Always a pleasure to work with Arie. Just try

Rob Huismandirecteur beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Ontwerpers.

Arie is a very good designer, a good thinker, a dedicated member of our association (bNO), and above all a great guy to work with!

Peter EemsingDga eigen magazine apeldoorn & arnhem en peter eemsing bv

Arie is de beste!

Jan Hein BaxExperienced CEO/Managing Director/Executive

Arie is a great “creative mind” and delivers with quality, on time and within budget. Besides, he is a good communicator and understands the client’s business concept/problem quickly and provides excellent solutions.

About User Advocate

User Advocate develops brand concepts and (value-) propositions for healthcare organizations and the primary food sector. We help organizations develop based on meaningful relationships and interactions with stakeholders. Relationships and interactions that create value for all stakeholders.

This creates:

Brands that achieve a great return on investment and contribute to customer satisfaction.
Organizations and brands where the expectations of customers are exceeded due to relevant services and added value.
Organizations where employees like to work and where they thrive.
User Advocate puts human central. Man has to contribute to the creation of the value or man who has to experience the value. The people in the organization and the envisioned customers.

All touchpoints of the brand play a role in this, both online and offline. An integrated approach in which the user always is the principle of all thoughts and actions.

The central question: How can we, as an organization, act on the brand promises?